A History of Madison Christian Church

            The roots of Madison Christian Church date back 140 years to 1867 when Frankton Christian Church was organized. The new church prospered and continued to grow until 1968 when a major crisis arose. The issue was whether or not the church should remain as an affiliate of the Disciples of Christ or become an independent church.

            After the decision to become independent had been made, those members who wished to remain as a Disciples church began to meet in the homes of the members. At some time during the next few weeks they chose a name for the new church: it was to be called the Madison Christian Church. Frankton now had two Christian churches, the old (now independent) Frankton Christian Church and the new (now Disciples of Christ) Madison Christian Church. The new church was chartered with 65 members.

            In September of 1968 the trustees of the new church authorized the purchase of a residence at 406 Sigler Street in Frankton, and this became the first home of the church. This building was remodeled and added to, but over time it was no longer adequate for the growing congregation's needs, and land was purchased at the southwest corner of Eleventh and Sheridan Streets. Ground breaking for a new church at that location began in 1980.

            On March 16, 1986, ground breaking began for a major addition to the building. This was to provide for office space and a Fellowship Hall and included a kitchen facility. Later, a second addition was undertaken, which added an education wing to the building.